"I've been converting my DVD collection for ATV use. I've been using RipIt and Handbrake. Most of the time this works fine but I have several discs that seem to rip fine and are even playable in DVD player but when I load them into handbrake I get the "No valid source found" error. Any suggestions? Thanks."


As we all know, Handbrake is a famous, open-source, cross-platform DVD ripper and video converter. With it, you can convert DVD or video to the limited video formats like MP4 with MPEG-4 or H.264 encoded. However, when ripping a DVD, people often encounter a "No valid source found error" like mentioned above. If you're in such a situation, read on to learn the reasons and corresponding solutions to HandBrake no valid source found error.

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Reasons and Corresponding Solutions to HandBrake No Valid Source Found Error:

There possibly exist scores of reasons for HandBrake error of No Valid Source Found, and it seems unrealistic to list out the entirety. Hence, here recite some common and typical reasons and corresponding solutions for you.

Question 1: "Bought the DVD at WalMart today, kids dying to convert DVD to MP4 for replaying on their iPads. Gave it a go with HandBrake Mac however it says "No Valid Source Found". Is anyone else having problems with this one or is it just me?"

This problem may be caused by the inserted DVD disc with some physical scratches or damages. Or the DVD source may be copyright protected DVD so as not to be removed by HandBrake unless certain third-party software is additionally installed.

A simple way to deal with this Handbrake error is to check the DVD disc to see if there exist cracks and blemishes on the DVD disc. If the DVD source is sound, then maybe you should download and install a practical third-party helper like VLC to handle this case.

Question 2: I try to rip/copy some new movies on DVD. The source will scan randomly each of the 99 titles on the DVD but when it is done only 4 or 5 are there as an option to rip, which are actually just the previews. I need title 60 but when I tell it to scan source (title specific), it shows "No Valid Source Found".

I have updated my Handbrake and VLC to the latest version and I have downloaded Libdvdcss Mac. I exhaust my mind. Any constructive suggestions? -From Feedreader

The reason for this case maybe concerns the latest version of VLC player, which may assists you to figure out the main title number, but can't work as long as it's 2.0 or higher version.

The solution to Handbrake 1.0.0 invalid source is to make sure the VLC player is the older version and installed properly. Necessary to mention, VLC player is required to match with your HandBrake, namely 32 bit VLC for 32 bit HandBrake, and 64 bit VLC player for 64 bit HandBrake.

Question 3: I'm trying to convert MKV to MP4 Mac. I'm using handbrake, for some reason, it just displays "No Valid Source Found". I've been converting videos and I've never had any problems. Any idea why is this happening? -From Mac-Forums

The cause of no valid source on Handbrake may rest with MKV files since HandBrake even the latest version can't cope with MKV problem.

Thus, on the subject of MKV file source with tons of subtitle tracks, you must use MKV Merge to remux the video with only the subtitle tracks needed. Once done, open the new source video in HandBrake.

Best Alternative to Handbrake for DVD Ripping and Conversion

Feel bored of receiving the "No Valid Source Found" error message once in a while when using Handbrake to rip commercial DVD disc, why not find a Handbrake alternative for you to eliminate all those head-scratching issues. Here, you can have a try at our top-rated DVD Ripping program - EaseFab DVD Ripper (available for Windows and Mac users). The program not only has the ability to bypass all DVD protection including region code, RCE, UOP, CSS, ARccOS, Disney X-project DRM (99 title DVD disc), AACS, BD+, BD-Live, etc for you but also has the ability to automatically select the main DVD title for you. So that you won't have to waste your time to rip some non-sense DVD titles.

With it, all commercial protected DVD movies can be ripped to nearly all popular video and audio formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, AAC, MP3 as you need. In addition, this program also comes with optimized format presets for almost all popular multimedia devices. What's more, the best Handbrake alternative can be also used an exciting DVD copy software. Two different copy modes: Title Mode and Full Disc Mode are provided to let you copy the exact movie part you want. Apart from that, this excellent alternative of Handbrake comes with the built-in editing functions. You can freely customize your movies by trimming, cropping, adding watermarks and subtitles with real-time preview. High speed and excellent conversion quality let you enjoy your favorite DVD movies wherever and whenever you want.

The process of ripping DVD is straightforward. Pop in your disc, choose an output profile (H.264, MP4, or HD MP4), and click "Convert" button.


Additional Tips:

If you're encounterring the "No valid source found error" when encoding a video file and ripping a DVD, you can get EaseFab Video Converter Ultimate (Mac version) for help. The program is an all-in-one yet powerful video, DVD and Blu-ray ripping and encoding tool.