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How to get Avid Media Compsoer working with MP4 files


As a quite hot file extension, MP4 is widely used for saving media data and can be found in lots of places online or off line, which means, you can get MP4 videos from YouTube, GoPro camera, Sony XDCAM EX camcorder or shared MP4 videos from others. However, you may run into a situation where you can't edit MP4 files in Avid Media Composer. The Media Composer deals with the MP4 files at quite a slow speed and some MP4 files even cannot be recognized. So what's matter? What is the available way to use MP4 files in Avid Media Composer?

Actually, this is probably due to the MP4 file codec. Avid might not work with some MP4 files sometimes due to the codec issue or other reasons. Fortuantely, there is an easy way to fix the issue. To get Avid Media Composer work well with MP4 videos, you could adjust MP4 to Avid MC supported video format. Along with some help from third-party software like EaseFab Video Converter for Mac (macOS Mojave, macOS Sierra, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion included), you can easily get the problem solved. With it, you can transcode MP4 to Avid native editing-friendly format - DNxHD - ensuring maximum editing quality and efficiency when working with Avid Media Composer. An Avid preset is included for easy access. If you are running a Windows PC, get EaseFab Video Converter. Now download the program and follow the step-by-step gudie below to convert MP4 files to Avid DNxHD for smoothly editing.

Download the MP4 to Avid Converter:

Guide: Transcoding MP4 to Avid DNxHD for Media Composer

Step 1. Import MP4 files into the program

Here you can directly drag & drop the MP4 files to the converter, or click "Add Video" button to load your video files.


Step 2. Choose DNxHD as the output format

You can directly choose the DNxHD preset from "Editing Software" category for Avid Media Composer which has been supplied by the MP4 to Avid Mac Converter. The settings also works for Avid MC 8, Avid MC 7, Avid MC 6 and Avid MC 5 etc.


Step 3. Start MP4 to Avid DNxHD conversion on Mac OS X (macOS Big Sur included)

When everything is ready, click the Convert button and all the imported MP4 video files will be converted to DNxHD MOV files by this MP4 to Avid converter for Mac.

After the conversion, simply click the "Open" button to find the converted videos. Now you can ingest the converted MP4 files to Avid Media Composer to make engaging movies.

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Home > Resources > MP4 Tips > Import MP4 to Avid Media Composer

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