As a media server application, Plex enables us to share music, movies on TV, PS3, Xbox360, Android, iOS, and other DLNA-certified devices locally via home network connection, or remotely, as long as you have a Internet connection. The point here, you will find it a painful experience to play MKV files via Plex. And you may encounter problems 'Plex not detecting MKV files' like this:

"With the recent introduction of Chromecast for Plex to the general public, I want to play a show I downloaded online which is in .mkv format. The thing is, the mkv file does not show up on my dashboard/tablet app."

As we all know, the mp4 files show up with no problem. What are the steps you need to take for the mkv files to be playable via Plex? In fact, there're easy ways to fix the issue. Here I list two solutions you can take take as reference.

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Possible Two Ways to Enable Plex Read MKV files:

Solution 1:

Make sure the whole file names were being recognized by Plex. For example, if all of mkv videos are all Sports videos so the names, there were kind of random. To solve it, you can set 'Scanner' as 'Personal Video Files Scanner' and 'Agent' as 'Personal Media'. Plex picks up pretty much any file with that setting. However, I found it's stuttering on large MKV files Plex.

Solution 2:

In order to stream MKV files via Plex Media Server without problems, the easy option is to convert MKV to Plex compatible video files. Along with some help from third party program like EaseFab Video Converter, it can be done effortlessly.

This video app is professional on fast encoding MKV to Plex Media Server with MP4 format (the most compatible video format for Plex) without quality loss. In addition, it not only supports MKV videos, but also handles various common video formats, like VOB, AVI, MOV, TiVo recordings, MPG, WMV .etc.

Guide: How to convert MKV to play via Plex

Step 1. Load MKV files

Click "Add Video" button to load your MKV files to the program. You can also directly drag and drop your videos to it.


Step 2. Select output format

Click "Profile" (located below where your files are displayed) and select the format you want from the drop-down list. To convert MKV for Plex, just choose "MP4" from "Common Video" as the output format.


Tips: The default setting works well. Of course, if you want to customize video and audio encoding settings, just click the "Settings" button to customize these settings. You can adjust the output video/audio resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc. to customize the output files to get the best quality you want.

Step 3. Start the conversion

Tap the Convert button on the main interface to start converting MKV to Plex Media Server.

The process will be finished soon. After the conversion, you can easily find the encoded MKV video clips in the destination folder by clicking "Open"button for playing and sharing to your other devices via Plex Media Server.

Additional Tips:

If you also have some DVD and Blu-ray movies and want to get these movies off of your discs and onto Plex for streaming, you can turn to EaseFab Video Converter Ultimate to fulfill your task.