MKV is one of the most popular video format, most users prefer to choose MKV video format for output when they convert or backup Blu-ray discs. One of the most important reason is MKV format is able to hold unlimited and any type of audio, video and subtitle streams. You can put a complete movie into a single file including various audio, video and subtitle streams as well preserving menus and chapter structure. If you're looking for an easy and quick way to backup Blu-ray to MKV while keeping your desired (multiple) audio and subtitle tracks, you've come to the right place. Read on for details.

With the advent of movies of high definition, more and more people discard those low-quality movies and prefer to movies with high quality. Maybe you have collected lots of HD Blu-ray and DVD movies for enjoying them on TV. But if you are out of home or don't have access to your discs, how do you enjoy your movies? Of course, you could choose a Blu-ray Ripper to convert your Blu-ray movies. It is a good idea. But it needs to transcode and compress the original Blu-ray, which will suffer some quality loss.

Here comes the great news with the new release of EaseFab LosslessCopy - It combines all features in Blu-ray/DVD Ripper, including various output formats selection, editing options support, what's more, it can help you:

* Backup BD/DVD to MKV without any quality loss.
* Transcode Blu-ray/DVD to lossless MKV, MP4, MOV files with all multiple audio and subtitle tracks and chapter markers from original BD/DVD.
* Remove unwanted subs streams and audio tracks at will.
* Preserve soundtracks and subs in multiple languages, e.g. English, Spanish, French, Deutsch...
* Support convert/rip/copy latest Blu-ray/DVD movies for Android/iOS/Windows devices.
* Support exporting forced subtitles and .srt/.ass/.ssa external subtitles.

Just download the right tool (available for Windows and Mac users) according to your computer OS and let's see how to EaseFab LosslessCopy keeps your desired audio and subtitle streams when backing up Blu-ray disc to MKV.

How to backup Blu-ray to MKV with mutiple audio/subtitle tracks

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movies

Insert the Blu-ray disc to the BD drive and then click the load-files.png button to have Blu-ray movies uploaded to EaseFab LosslessCopy. You can also import DVD files, BD/DVD ISO files, IFO files or Blu-ray/DVD folder for conversion.


Note: When importing a Blu-ray disc, please make sure that your PC has been equipped with an external or internal Blu-ray drive to recognize your Blu-ray disc.

Step 2: Choose multi-track output - Lossless MKV

Click the format bar to follow "Multi-track Video" > "Lossless/encoded Multi-track MKV (*.mkv)", which enables you to get the output video with multiple audio tracks and subtitles.


Step 3: Multi-task settings

Click "Settings" to switch to the "Multi-task Settings" interface where you can change video/audio/subtitle settings. Click the "Audio" tab to check the audio channels you want and uncheck the unwanted. Click the "Subtitle" tab to check the subtitle language you want to keep and uncheck the unwanted ones.


Step 4: Start converting Blu-ray to lossless MKV

Go back to the main UI and click "Convert" to start conversion from Blu-ray to lossless MKV with multiple audio tracks and subtitles preserved.

Additional Tips:

Before watching the converted DVD/Blu-ray movie which has been in lossless MKV format, please make sure that your LED TV is MKV supported. If your LED TV fails to support MKV format, you may get image only and without sound. So alternatively, you can convert your DVD/Blu-ray movie into a common video format which is fully supported by a majority of LED TVs.

As your PC space is limited, you can copy your Blu-rays into an external hard drive for storage and sharing. Or store Blu-ray movies in a Lacie Thunderbolt drive.