VOB files usually exist on DVD discs, or are downloaded from movie sharing sites. When you put a commercial DVD disc and home DVD disc, you'll see lots of VOB files there. When you try to import VOB to Final Cut Pro for editing, you'll find out that all VOB files in the Video_TS folder are just greyed out. That's because VOB is not supported by FCP. To edit VOB files in Final Cut Pro (no matter FCP X, FCP 7 or FCP 6), you have to convert VOB files to Final Cut Pro friendly format first. Here we will introduce an easy-to-use and professional VOB to FCP Converter for Mac to help you solve the problem.

First of all, download and install EaseFab Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. With it, you can easily convert VOB to Final Cut Pro supported format for directly importing to FCP for editing. No extra tools are required and it has optimized presets for Final Cut Pro for easy access. The original quality of VOB video will be kept. Now download it and see below how to do the VOB to FCP conversion on Mac (Yosemite/Mavericks included).

Download the VOB to FCP Converter for Mac:

How to convert VOB to Final Cut Pro on Mac step by step

Step 1. Add VOB files

Open Finder, and then locate and drag the VIDEO_TS folder containing your VOB files to this VOB to FCP video converter. All movie titles or just the main movie (depending settings in the Preferences) will appear in the item try.


Step 2. Select output format as Final Cut Pro

The Profile tray locates in the buttom of the window. Go to the "Editing Software" category and click "Final Cut Pro" as the output format. By selecting the "Final Cut Pro" preset, you needn't to adjust the video settings like video format, video resolution, frame rate and more by yourself.


Step 3. Start VOB to Final Cut Pro conversion

When everything is OK, simply click the "Convert" button to start the conversion. This VOB file to FCP converter will convert VOB files rapidly, preserving 100% original quality. When finished, the output file is ready for being imported to Final Cut Pro for editing. All FCP versions are supported, including Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro 6.

Finally, Open Final Cut Pro. To import your convert video files, head to the menu bar and click on File > Import, then "Files". A small window will appear and allow you to browse through files in your Mac to locate and import your video. You also have an option to drag-and-drop your file to the left pane of the Final Cut Pro window. Once your video is imported successfully, you can do all you want with it in Final Cut Pro.