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So far for DVD's the best on the market

The best money you could spend if you want to make room for all your DVD's and put them onto a hard drive. This program is so far for DVD's the best on the market in my opinion! Really easy to use and nearly 100 DVD's downloaded including Disney.

- Anthony Noonan (From Pennsylvania of USA)


Kudos for an excellent product!

Several years ago I used another product to rip my (rather large) collection of DVDs so they could be viewed via iTunes on my AppleTV. The conversion was a bit of a process as it was technical and complicated, but the job got done.

A couple of months ago my 5TB external backup drive (used just for movies) had a catastrophic failure, leaving me having to repeat the process of several years before. The EaseFab DVD Ripper for Mac seemed to get good reports, and although it wasn't free like the other app I'd used before, I machinated for a while then finally bought it.

It runs like rocket, figures most everything out for you, allows you to properly 'decrypt' certain DVDs, and the picture quality of the MP4 result is arguably as good as the DVD original.

Brilliant work! Excellent for any person of whatever technical skill. I cannot give higher praise.

- Keith Harland (From Washington of USA)


Great Product, glad I purchased it!

I like the program's interface and it is much easier than handbrake(I like handbrake also), Very easy to adjust the output files from full screen to wide, we bought a ton of full framed dvds and now own a wide screen tv, which has black bars on both sides, EaseFab allows you to change the output to 16.9, i still have the black bars on top and bottom but can zoom the picture now and that does not bother me as much as the cropping on both sides. I like the title display, it shows what format the dvd is currently so I can adjust as need be, lastly I like the way the dvd is titled, plex has no problem with them and usually can find the correct poster for the movie. It updated easily and the customer service was very helpful with their advise on how to solve an issue I had that turned out to be a bad dvd. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to back up their dvd library- Great Product!

- Sharada Naidoo (From South Africa)


Great Software easy to use

Great Software. I was able to rip and transfer the disney DVD movies to an SD card for my daughter's ipad. This software allowed me to remove the promo programs and to get a mp4 video with excellent quality.

- Robin Anderson (from Norway)


Meet your high expectation

Incredibly fast conversion and user selectable quality! Very satisfied!! I also love the way I am able to make the video quality brighter or darker and adjust the contrast.

- Matthew (from Irvine, California of USA)


Highly recommended and worth every dollar!

I've successfully copied over 200 DVDs to Synology NAS to stay safe from my kids. Easy to use and I detected no errors up to now. Highly recommended and worth every dollar!

- Greg Pierce (from Colorado of USA)


Powerful and fast

After ripping with EaseFab, I was able to watch UK region 2 DVDs on my PS4. It also does fantastic job for getting our DVDs onto iPad to watch during long boring flights. I recommend it to those who need something that is both powerful and fast.

- Shahid Khan (from United Kingdom)


Works great! Take my movies anywhere!

Pleasantly surprised by this. I rarely buy anything like this. I am using it solely for the purpose of watching my DVDs on my iPad. It is super easy to use. After you download the software, you just put in a dvd and choose the dvd source. Then it will let you choose your output file. It took about 15 minutes to do a dvd averge. You have designated output folder, that can be changed, where your finished video file it saved. It works great!!! I was able to save it and transfer it to my ipad!!! I love it!!!!!

- James Thomas (From Ft Myers, Florida of USA)


works very well and has far superior quality

I just downloaded the trial of easefab dvd ripper for mac. It works very well and has far superior quality etc than the $40 DVDxDV product I just downloaded to major disappointment .

- Robert Kral


best dvd ripper

i have been a DVDFab user for years. All of a sudden, the product does not work. I tried to install on a newer system and different issues come up. I did 1 quick search and found the free trail version of EaseFab DVD Ripper from SoftPedia website. All I have to say is WOW. Easy to use, fast processing, and everything works as advertised. Again, this is the real product to own.

- Judie Allison


very happy with it

The results are far superior to DVDxDV which I had purchased the day before which had quality issues and kept changing aspect ratios etc. your product is way better with no issues of output quality and aspect ratio so I purchased it. I've already converted teams of footage and am very happy with it.

- Robert Kral


Impressed with your support

Thanks so much for your help. I am impressed with your support. You worked until it was solved.

- Lakhan Pal


Love the software

this software is very good fast and do his job very good

- Mike


100% Gold DVD Ripper!!!!

It does exactly what it says it does. Best of all is the speed of ripping DVD. A great DVD ripping software for all to use.

- Carl


Makes DVD Ripping easy

Easy tool to use to convert your dvd or iso files into smaller video files. I love this program. It was exactly what I have been searching for..

- M K shaw


Great Product!

I've been using this for many years now and it's great! They're always adding new features and updates as well to keep up with the changing media environment. On the couple of occasions that I've had to contact support, they have been prompt in getting back to me with a solution. Highly worth the investment./p>

- Stu K.


Superlative speed

The GPU power system in this DVD Ripper help users to achieve ultimate speed while converting their video files in several batches./p>

- Carla ronaldo


No loss of quality

The main thing of appreciation about this DVD Ripper is that we don’t need to worry about the quality loss in overall transformation process.

- Albie bravo


Very smooth

To be honest, earlier I was bit struggling to use this product but later I contacted tech support and now everything is going very smooth for me.

- Sumona


Work completed as planned

When I use any of the tools of EaseFab it is like working with them. Everything runs smooth and work is finished as planned.

- Pinky marshal


Receiving free updates

As mentioned in its product description, I am getting free updates of this software which is helping me to manage all DVD files properly.

- Jasan marick


Pleasure to have it

I have got even better experience that what speed and features mentioned in the job description of this product. Pleasure to have this dvd converter in my kitty.

- Mark


Perfect for every user

I think every user should spend decent time doing research before any DVD Ripper. My research tells me this one is perfect for every user.

- Shahid


Becoming regular user

I have purchased this dvd ripper so I can use it as a back up when other tools fail to work but it is making me becoming regular user of it.

- Joy cannady


Highly recommended.

Owning a PlayBook, I've had issues loading my son's videos on to the tablet. I decided to buy EaseFab's DVD Ripper so I can convert the movies to a PlayBook format. For the short time it takes to convert the movie, my son gets hours of enjoyment.

- Sylvain


Very good

It (a converted DVD file to MKV) is playing very well on the PC. The interface was intuitive and the conversion process worked well and you are very good in your initial design, update support and customer service.



Extremely fast decoding

This product is able to rip and copy all of my DVDs quite fast

- Tina


Pretty easy to use

I have used the software several times. So far it is working quite well. I am using a laptop with Windows XP to do the conversion. I then transfer it to an external hard drive. When I am ready to put a movie on my iPad I drag and drop the file into iTunes. The software is pretty easy to use. I have used others in a trial setting, but this was by far the best I found.

- Richard B


Amazing software!

This is one of the best DVD rippers I have ever used! It works flawlessly, and has a user friendly UI!

- Siddarth


Easy to use even for non-techies

EaseFab DVD ripper was by far the easiest DVD ripper I've ever used. I already bought two other rippers and I hated them both because they were so slow and so cluttered up in design. With easefab dvd ripper the whole process of ripping a dvd is simplified so that even your dog and cats could do it lol. I love this product.

- Anita Evensen


EaseFab DVD Ripper saved me money

EaseFab DVD Ripper saved me a lot of money, and for that I'm grateful. I used to get upset buying or renting DVDs which were needed to enjoy my home entertainment center, and then having to pay to download the same movies to watch on a mobile device which I do a lot while on the road. Or visa versa, I'd watch a movie I downloaded, then to share it with my family I'd have to buy or rent the same movie on DVD.

- Al Straight


Perfect Quality

We can expect very good quality in very less time as the speed taken conversion is very less and we can improve the quality of our video to high definition

- Mahesh Babu


Available at reasobale price

In this world of fake tools and duplicate products, I found this one very genuine and most surprisingly, it is available at very reasonable price.

- Ariel kabbom

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