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What I intended to purchase is Product A, but I was sent a registration e-mail for Product B?

The registration e-mail is sent automatically by our system according to your order and purchase information. It is hardly that we would send wrong product that customers did not order.

If you accidentally purchased the wrong software package ,we can not switch the order directly for you according to the purchase agreemet, but we can refund the wrong order for your after placing the right order. Please follow the three steps below and contact use with the confirmation number once they have been completed and we will issue a refund right away.

Step 1: Find the software program on our official website that you wish to purchase.

Step 2: Download the trial version and test to be sure it works properly on your system.

Step 3: Once you have ensured it is the correct product and everything works as you like, go ahead and purchase the software.

We will issue a refund of the wrong order after you email us the Order Number of the right order.

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