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What to do if I didn't receive the registration code after placing the order?

As long as your order is validated, our system will automatically send you a registration e-mail including the software download line and the registration code for that software. If you have not found the registration email in your email box, check whether it's sent to the SPAM or Trash Bin folder. Also, the delay of Internet or system glitches will result in failure to receive your registration code.

Alternatively, you can retrieve the registration code via our online registration code retrieval system by providing your Licensed e-mail or Order number. If you still can't get your registration code, feel free to contact us.

Note that if you buy our products from our resellers, agents or eBay, we have not the records in our order system. Thus you can't retrieve the registration code from our support center, either. In such cases, please contact the vendors from whom you bought the products. Or you can tell us your situation, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please include as much of the following information as possible when contacting us so we may locate your order and help.

- Order Number
- Name, Phone Number, and Email Address on the Order
- Date and Amount of the Charge
- Name of the Site the Purchase Was Made On
- Name of the Product(s) Purchased
- Description of the Charge on Your Credit Card Statement

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