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What is an IFO file?

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IFO (stands for InFOrmation) is a type of DVD file that stores information about chapters, subtitles and audio tracks.

IFO information is a video title set (VTS). When the disc is accessed with a DVD-ROM, at least two directories are presented: AUDIO_TS (audio title set) and VIDEO_TS (video title set).

An IFO file is one of three types of files that are used in DVDs. It contains important navigational information, such as where a video chapter begins, and where audio and subtitle streams exist within the movie (VOB) file. IFO files are not encrypted.

How to convert an IFO file by DVD ripper tools?

Double-click IFO file, you will find VIDEO_TS folder there. You can drag the VIDEO_TS folder to our software directly.

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