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How to speed up the conversion with DVD Ripper programs?

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Generally, several factors, including the source file, the output settings, computer performance and configuration, influence the conversion speed. You can follow the steps below to speed up the conversion with DVD Ripper programs.

1. Set the output parameters. After loading the program, please choose the profile from Profile list to set the output parameters on the Settings window lower by clicking the Settings button. However, this will reduce the output quality.

2. Please close other programs before you start the conversion, and you can click Open to find the output file after conversion.

3. Please click Tools > Options to select Enable NVIDIA GPU Acceleration, the program will convert 6 files at the same time.

NOTE: ou can speed up the conversion with the Use GPU encoding, which means that the conversion speed depends on the graphics card performance and the file size. In this way, you will enjoy 6 times conversion speed with H.264 output encoder when converting non-protected video files.

However, you need to have an NVIDIA graphics card, 2nd generation Intel graphics card or AMD graphics card and their latest graphics card drivers on your computer.

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