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What can I do if the program fails to load a DVD?

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1) If the case happens to all DVDs, you can follow the steps below to solve the problem..

1. Uninstall the program from the computer, restart the computer, delete the folder where you install the program and download the program for installation.
2. Close the anti-virus program when downloading.
3. When the set up finishes, please right-click the icon on the desk top of your computer, and choose Run as administrator.
4. Update the DVD drive on the computer. You can right-click My Computer on the desktop, select Manage>Device Manager>DVD/CD-ROM drives to find the DVD drive and right-click the drive to update it.

If your problem still cannot be solved, please contact us with all files in the log folder for analysis. Here are the ways for you to find files in the log folder.

1. Right-click the icon of the program.
2. Select Properties > Open File Location, it will direct to the installation folder of this program. The log folder is in the installation path.

2) If the case happens to some DVDs only, it is maybe the encryption issue. We suggest you contact us with detailed information, including DVD name, the region code, publisher and Amazon link.

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