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Total lifesaver!

So thankful that this software exists! I had lost of really important files that were stored on a USB drive that got corrupted (unreadable on any computer). I was really upset and I thought they were gone forever, but EaseFab Data Recovery was able to read the drive, find the files, and recover them!!! Total lifesaver! Thank you so much!!!

- Martin


A very useful tool for formatted SD Card

I had tried a few data recovery software to recover my formatted SD card before downloaded this one. It finally get all the lost data back. amazing. This is a very useful tool I would only suggest if possible."

- Chris Abbott


The tool to use when your flashdrive suddenly dies

I hadn't been backing up recent files and a relatively new flashdrive suddenly just stopped (another review!) and I decided to try recoverit- amazingly, the software pulled everything out of that crusty flashdrive. It was absolutely worth the $59- anything to avoid days of work that I really didn't have. You may have to rearrange files and repair a few, but who cares- the files were all there. This is one tool I won't forget and have recommended it to others.

- Gilbert Cherbuin


Customer Support was great

Customer Support was great despite my inability to recover the document in question. In my case the document in question was a Pages document. EaseFab Data Recovery found tons of deleted material, especially video and photos, even docx and rtf. Staff was helpful and understanding of my situation. Very glad to be working with this company.

- Aunoa SoiSoi


It actually worked!

Bought a new camera and SD card for my brothers graduation at UCSB. It was a great day and we took over 500 photos. However, the next day all but 6 photos were gone. My parents were so heartbroken so I did some research. That is when I discovered Easefab and was honestly skeptical. I am genuinely surprised and extremely relieved! All the photos and almost all the videos were recovered (4 videos were not). However, I am just glad that we got the photos at least. Thank you so much! Definitely recommend

- Phil Hunton


Successfully recovered RAW files and saved me lots of time.

I purchased Easefab after researching how to recover RAW photos from an SD card I reformatted by accident.

EaseFab Data Recovery seems to be the best out there, and was very easy to install and run. It was able to recover my whole trip, and I chose just the ones I needed. It even recovered shots from several other trips even though I have formatted the card a few times. Way to go EaseFab!

I had a purchasing glitch that lost me some production time, but the Support desk helped me resolve it very quickly overnight by email from Europe.

- Ronald Potts


Really amazing

Really amazing - so simple and effective. I had two folders on an external disk drive with files unreachable and was able to restore them all.

- Alon Eliran


This is an excellent program

This is an excellent program! My brand new 64GB Sandisk SD Card used in a Promaster SD Card Reader could not be read by my computer. About 800 photos from our recent trip to NYC were smoothly recovered to my C drive.

- Rudiger

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