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It worked as I expected

I have used the software for ripping files from DVD & BD to my PC. So far it works fine. I also converted a BD movie to a iPad file to test and it worked as I expected. I use a 2TB hard drive to store the files and I use Cyberlink PowerDVD to play the DVD & BD discs. Your product appears to have multiple formats to rip the DVD/BD files to. (I only use the ones for iPad & iPod.)The interface is clean and easy to use.

— Paul Gormley (from Shizuoka, Japan)


Much fater than other software

Good, clear interface and easy to use. The key for me was speed. Easefab BluRay Ripper was much fater than other software tried at converting.

— James Barthelme (from Washington, USA)


Interface is very easy to use

In summary, excellent product that does exactly what it's meant to. Will save me a fortune with not having to duplicate my purchases via iTunes. Interface is very easy to use. Tried a couple of apps but couldn't find a single app to do the full Blue Ray to iPad conversion in one go. Read a few reviews from the results which all pointed towards EaseFab.

— Gregory Bryen


Works really well!

This works really well, I tried all the free ones and had trouble with some of the encrypted Blu-rays and DVDs I wanted to copy. I had no issues when using this product.

- Patricia Guerrero (from Chicago, Illinois of USA)


Works great! Take my movies anywhere!

I am so happy I found this product. I am using it solely for the purpose of watching my Blu-rays on my iPad. It is super easy to use. After you download the software, you just put in a BluRay and choose the bluray source. Then it will let you choose your output file. It took only half an hour to do a bluray movie. You have designated output folder, that can be changed, where your finished video file it saved. It works great!!! I was able to save it and transfer it to my ipad!!! I love it!!!!!

- Jacobus Kwaak (from Harwich, Massachusetts of USA)


Copied Every One of my 60+ Blu-rays and 100+ DVDs

What I liked even better is how well it worked. I have a Blu-ray collection and an old DVD collection of about 80 videos that I bought over the years. I get tired of having to open the doors and try to read each of the labels. Now I just stream the MP3 from my computer through our Xbox One. Even with the Xbox One using a wireless connection, the movie stream perfectly with any pixilation or pauses.

In addition, this software copied each and every title regardless of the copy protection. On a couple of titles I had to use the 'safe' mode which takes a bit longer, but it was successful every time.

- John Hannon (from Switzerland)


I love this fast and easy software

I have used the 64-bit version of EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper for Mac for the past several months. Everything is easy about the program. Download was simple and installation fast and smooth. Converting Bluray and DVD was faster than I expected and the new file very easy to find. I love this fast and easy software.

- Geoff


Nice software

This is nice software loading easy and converting so quickly with lot of formats. I like it and I will recommend to my friends.

- Mark Bannan


Save my scratched Blu-ray

I have some favorite Blu-ray and DVD which are scratched and I tried out lots of methods, it still won't play. I downloaded some free tool but they had no ability to read my blu-ray and DVD and said that they are encrypted. But EaseFab Bluray Ripper saved my scratched Blu-ray and DVD. I suggest you guys to download it for a try if in need.

- Sharon Leon


I can't live without it

I'm using EaseFab BluRay Ripper since its version 5.10. It is simply so useful than I can't live without. It works great, make fast conversions with no errors. Full of features. Highly recommended.

- Sue Kamalo


The best tested by me

Words are useless. It's the best I know. As simple as that. Easy to use, excellent image quality.

- DocDChn



Your product is AWESOME! ; Even for a non-tech Guy like me.

- Mark A Green


Easiest and simple yet detailed program

So far I have used it to rip about 75 Blu-rays without any issues. Most of the rips have been the high quality ipad setting.?I have mostly been ripping them to put into a Plex media server.

- Timothy Frederick


100% Gold BluRay and DVD Ripper!!!!

It does exactly what it says it does. Best of all is the speed of ripping DVD and BD. A great BluRay/DVD ripping software for all to use.

- Brian


Love this Product!

I love EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper and DVD Ripper. Easy to use and Fun.

- M K shaw


Worked like a charm!

I want convert Blu-ray disc to 1080p HD and this application took care of that for me. The final converted video looked great in on my tablet.

- qiara


Fast and easy software

Everything is easy about EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper. Download was simple and installation fast and smooth. Converting video files was faster than I expected and the new file very easy to find. I love this fast and easy software.

- John simson


Great Product!

I've been using this for three years now and it's great! They're always adding new features and updates as well to keep up with the changing media environment. On the couple of occasions that I've had to contact support, they have been prompt in getting back to me with a solution. Highly worth the investment.

- Stu K.


No loss of quality

The main thing of appreciation about this Blu-ray Ripper is that we don’t need to worry about the quality loss in overall transformation process.

- Albie bravo


Very smooth

To be honest, earlier I was bit struggling to use this product but later I contacted tech support and now everything is going very smooth for me.

- Sumona


Receiving free updates

As mentioned in its product description, I am getting free updates of this software which is helping me to manage all my Blu-ray and DVD files properly.

- Jasan marick


Perfect for every user

I think every user should spend decent time doing research before any BLU-RAY Ripper. My research tells me this one is perfect for every user.

- Shahid


Becoming regular user

I have purchased this Bluray ripper so I can use it as a back up when other tools fail to work but it is making me becoming regular user of it.

- Joy cannady


Very good

It (a converted Blu-ray file to MKV) is playing very well on the PC. The interface was intuitive and the conversion process worked well and you are very good in your initial design, update support and customer service.



the BEST product

EaseFab is the BEST product I've used to rip my movie collection. Thank you for the great products!!

- Mark


The best in class in the world

The EaseFab Blu-Ray Ripper is really excellent, the best in class in the world ! I'm really happy with my purchase !

- Travis


the best one I have found

I have tried many of these products (and spent a lot of money and time on it) so I can take my family's movies out of the hands of my toddlers and put them in a NAS digitally. This is the best one I have found. The visuals are above other products I have used by a good measure. And it is pretty fast as well.

- John


Impressive Blu-ray ripper

When I use this Blu-ray ripper for the first time, I don't need to look at the guide and can just do it alone. Impressive Blu-ray ripper to save precious time!

- Agrona


Five Stars!

This software is amazingly easy to use. It's fast and affordable. The best part is it can rip both Blu-ray and DVD to just about any portable device. I highly recommend it to just about everyone.

- Grandwald

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