There are many occassions that you need to rip your Blu-ray and DVD discs: You want to take your movies with your on road, or just want to clean up those physical discs but keep your films and TV shows on your HTPC, or just want to protect your discs from scratching and get rid of messing around with physical discs. Thankfully, there are many programs out there that allow you to make copies of your Blu-ray and DVDs and let you rip them to watch them the way you want to view them. Here I will show you three different and excellent tools to rip both Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Top 3 Programs for Ripping Both Blu-ray and DVD Discs:

1. Handbrake

Handbrake is a free program that available both for Mac and Windows users to rip DVD and convert videos. And Blu-ray ripping feature was added in the update release of HandBrake 0.9.5 on Jan 3, 2011. However, that doesn't mean you can use HandBrake as a full Blu-ray Disc ripper, because it doesn't handle commercial copy-protected Blu-ray Discs. In the release highlights you can find that "BluRay disc structure support. (No decryption support)".

Overall, if you have an tool to Decrypt Blu-ray protection, Handbrake is the first choice to rip both Blu-ray and DVD discs because it's toally free!!!


* The app is fast, can make the most of multi-core processors to speed up the process.

* It is completely open source and completely free.

* It's simple, easy to use, easy to install, and offers a wealth of tweaking options to get the best possible file as a result.

* It is designed with preset profiles for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android and WP8.

* It provides numerous video and audio parameter settings for users to alter file size and video quality.

* It supports to output MP4, MKV, H.264, MPEG and MP3 formats


* It only converts Blu-ray without copy protection.

* It can not rip DVD with encrypted-protection methods including CSS.

* The output files formats are very limited, which can't meet all people's needs.

* It is complicated to set an output device preset and it is hard to understand some options.

* Batch video conversion, only available on HandBrake 0.9.5 or later, has a complicated process

2. MakeMKV

MakeMKV is a software app which shreds the copy protection on a disk, provides you with each file it finds, and when you have made your selection, it makes a nice beautiful MKV file, with perfect picture and sound quality. You can then play it with your favourite media player. The software is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

DVDs are very fast (normally no more than 15 minutes) and Blu-Rays range from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the length of the movie, and the extras you want. In fact, one Blu-Ray disk I owned took close to 2 hours! Whether that is the fault of the software, or of the disk itself, I don't know. But it sure irritates the hell out of me. So don't start doing this, if you are planning to switch your computer off soon.

One other thing. This may be a downside to some of you, while for others, it may actually be good. When you make a MKV file, you are making a high quality, high-definition digital file. As a result, the size of the file will be enormous. Don't be surprised if a DVD rip comes in at 15GB and a Blu-Ray rip at 30GB. I will discuss this a bit later in the article.


* Reads Blu-ray discs protected with latest versions of AACS and BD+

* Preserves all video and audio tracks, including HD audio

* Preserves all meta-information (track language, audio type)

*Fast conversion - converts as fast as your drive can read data.

* No additional software is required for conversion or decryption.

* Functionality to open DVD discs is free and will always stay free.


* Program is time-limited - it will stop functioning after 60 days. If all you ever want to do is rip DVDs, then it seems that it will let you do this for free, forever. I have never, in the 6 months I have been using it, been asked for payment for ripping DVDs. However, if you want to rip Blu-Rays, then there is a limited period where you can do it for free. For me, it was a couple of months which is not too shabby. Then it told me to pay up. Eventually I did (reluctantly). It costs about $50, which is why I hesitated for so long before buying (blame my Scottish genes).

* HD-DVD support is limited - some discs may fail to open and not all audio and subtitle tracks will be preserved.

* It can only output files in MKV format, which is not compatible for most media player and can not meet all users' needs.

3. EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper

Not any other Blu-ray Ripper can do with all kinds of BD/DVD sources: protected and unprotected Blu-ray Disc, BDMV folder, BD ISO, physical DVD, VIDEO_TS folder, DVD ISO and IFO file. As a professional and powerful all-in-one Blu-ray/DVD disc handling tool, EaseFab integrates DVD/Blu-ray Ripping, Conversion, and Backup.

Using the "Full Disc Copy" feature, you can copy Blu-ray/DVD's original file structure to BDMV/Video_TS folder with all subs tracks, audio streams and chapter information included. Besides, you can also save 100% intact M2TS main movie from your Blu-ray Disc without any quality loss to get perfect backup from BD 50 to BD 50 or BD 25 to BD 25.

Both 3D Blu-ray discs, 2D Blu-ray discs, and standard DVDs can be converted to all popular SD and HD (3D) video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, MKV, 3GP, MPEG, TP, TRP, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MOV and more. Meanwhile EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper also provides the preset formats for over 150 popular devices. Simply select the profile to rip Blu-ray/DVD for play back on your device with optimized settings and never worry about the video incompatibility!

If you enjoy having everything organized and save memory space while keeping the original quality of your HD movies and videos then THIS IS WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR.


* Decrypt Blu-ray/DVD disc with latest copy protections, region code, Disny code, CSS, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs etc

* More than DVD and Blu-ray disc supported, DVD/Blu-ray folder, DVD ISO/IFO, Blu-ray ISO etc can be easily loaded; more than 200 profiles are listed under the Format menu, including H.264 MP4, MKV, M4V, MOV, AVI, etc.

* Support NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) acceleration technologies.

* Frequently update of Format list with adding new devices to assure you to locate the optimized presets for the destination portable devices, media players, game consoles, or video editing software.

* To get better movie playback on your devices, free to trim a short clip out of original movie, crop black bars from images, insert external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles, add video effects and more.

* You are allowed to optionally set video and audio parameters to achieve the best video and audio enjoyment during playback.

* Back Up Blu-ray/DVD Losslessly and Quickly.

* Lifetime free upgrade of product and technical support


* Although the interface is easy to understant, it need to be improved.
* It does not support convert other formats to ISO files.


1. If your Blu-ray can be played in your Blu-ray player and your DVD is not under encrypted-protection, then HandBrake is a good choice for you to rip Blu-ray and DVD.

2. If you have no need to rip HD-DVD and just want to rip Blu-ray and DVD to MKV format, then you can choose MakeMKV and EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper to help you rip Blu-ray and DVD.

3. If you want a powerful Blu-ray/DVD ripping tool, which can remove all Blu-ray and DVD copy protection and rip all kinds of Blu-ray and DVD to all mainstream devices supported video formats, then EaseFab Blu-ray Ripper is a wise choice for you.

Additional Tips:

We have another tool entitled EaseFab LosslessCopy, which convers all the features of EaseFab Blu-ry Ripper. The only difference is that LosslessCopy can help you convert video clips from proprietary encrypted Blu-ray/DVD discs to into MKV files with multiple video/audio tracks with all meta-information and preserve chapters. Additionally LosslessCopy can rip BD/DVD to MP4 and MOV with multiple audio streams.